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We design and produce functional and beautiful products, we care about the needs of our users and the development of our partners.To keep our products functional and comfortable, we collaborate with emerging designers and brands from all over the world and showcase their designs on facthot.com.

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While continuously broadening the online sales channels, the offline brand image shop is also under intense preparation. The overall style is simple and fashionable, from the front shop LOGO to the indoor layout. High-quality product quality, excellent product design, and good user experience make facthot brand image shop popular among the majority of users.

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In June 2022,facthot products have reached more than 20 countries and regions around the world, with more than 50 physical shops globally, and the facthot brand image shops will continue to expand in the coming time, and is expected to reach 200 by 2025

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Facthot is a well-known consumer electronics brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We are committed to providing users with products that are both practical and aesthetic. Let every mobile terminal have a Facthot, this vision hope to complete with you.

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I'm 63 years old and have had several cell phones, each with a case on it, and I can never get all the air out. After buying this I was successful on my first try, no air bubbles on the phone, the package was very complete and I am very happy with it!

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Tyler Boda

It worked for my phone. I dropped my phone twice already and the screen still Intact and my phone still as new.

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I love the simple design of this phone holder. It stood out among the many more overly complex designs. It's simple and it works great.The 3M Tape is cool, and if i ever need to move it temporally i can with the Velcro. I have no intention to move it around all the time, so not having a suction cup is not big deal, and honestly it would just add complexity.The magnet is VERY strong, and seems like would hold up at least 10lbs, I haven't tested, but suffice it to say it does the job.I could stop here, I mean it does exactly what it's supposed to very well

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This screen protector protected my phone from falling on the sidewalk. I had no case at all, but the protector made it so there was no damage on my phone. Easy application for somebody with shaky hands, will repurchase if this one breaks!

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